Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And Now I'm Here

It's been a long time, I know, and I'm sorry.

Here's what's been up:

I moved to Boston.

Undergoing such a huge move turns out to be psychologically, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and creatively draining. It's sort of like going into survival mode, where all I could really focus on was making it through the whole thing in one piece.

And now I'm here, in one piece. And classes have started, and I'm still a wretched writer, in that I almost never actually sit down and write. That's going to change, though, you'll see. Or, probably you won't see, but you'll hear abou--er, you'll read about it here, when I decide I deserve to let off some brag steam. But no such steam exists at present, so that'll have to wait.

Here's the deal with BU: it's different than BYU. Like, a lot different. I won't say it's better or worse, because I think it's an impossible comparison to qualify. They are different worlds. I guess there is one qualitative thing I can say--different is good. I love these buildings that are hundreds of years old, with dust on the windowsills that I'm willing to bet is older than my grandparents. I love the way everything in this city is crammed together, or was, a hundred years ago, and everyone has to just sort of shoulder past each other to get around.

I love that yesterday, it was so hot and muggy I thought I would drown when I walked outside, and today it's cold and rainy enough to be November in Utah.

I...well, I really hate that I have to furnish my own room in my new (very, very old) apartment, and I have no car to help me do it. But I LOVE that as soon as I step out of my door, I'm in Davis Square in Somerville, which is at least fourteen times cooler than any square in Provo.

I love living here. I'm so glad to be back. Immediately, I want to claim this as my home. I know that I need to put in some time before I get that right, but I'm willing to put that time right in.

So those are my thoughts right now.

And here's my "expert film student" advice for the day: Love where you are, or move.


  1. Sound advice. Lauren and I definitely don't love Denver, just a handful of things about it. People tell us we need to give it at least a couple of years to really get entrenched in a new place, but it's been about two years now and we (she especially) still feel out of place. We'd move back to Maryland since she really misses her friends and family, but the idea of living in Baltimore again makes me want to jump into a grease fire. The surrounding areas are all pretty blah too, which is kind of the problem here...the only fool-proof solution I can conjure is to move all of our loved ones out here. Maybe I should start a fundraiser for that or something...

  2. See, Boston just sucks you in and grabs ahold of your heart - Kemsley and I just spent one day there and we both left feeling sad, wishing we could live there some day!

    Can't wait to see where we go next... wish it were Boston!


  3. Jealous! I can't wait to follow your advice...that is, to move! Glad you're safe and such. Be kind to yourself.

  4. I am so glad that you are enjoying it there. I will admit, I am incredibly jealous that you are enjoying the Bostonian culture, but I will be HAPPY with where I am now. Provo is not my home, but I will love it nonetheless. Good luck with school and housing. And most of all, make this experience an epic one.

  5. Once upon a time a very "expert film student" told me to stop crabbing about how I didn't live in Boston anymore because I was going to BYU. He told me that I should stop complaining because (A) people were at BYU because they loved it and I was spoiling it for them or (B) they hated being there and my complaining about it made them feel even worse about it. I decided that this was very sound advice and have quoted said "expert film student" ever since. Thanks for making a difference in my life Jordan :) And yes, BU and BYU are totally different worlds, I just went backwards...started out at BU and ended up at BYU!


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