Monday, November 28, 2011

A List You Won't Care About

Here's what I have to get done this week:

  • 6 script coverages
  • Grade 23 8-page papers
  • Create 9 multiple-choice questions for an exam
  • Redraft 3 short scripts
  • Write the first 10-20 pages of a feature
  • Complete a 6-8 page (single-spaced) analysis of the film Ordinary People
  • Read and critique screenplays from fellow students
  • Study for and take an Acting final (I'm not real worried about this one)
  • Write a final paper for same (again...)
I'm not doing one of those, "Everyone look how busy I am!" things. I just couldn't figure out what to post about, but I really wanted to keep my commitment. So I figured I'd present a good overview of what my experience with grad school will be this week, so close to what other people refer to as "finals." 

Also: as of a couple of days ago, it officially became OK to listen to Christmas music. I began yesterday with "Winter Moon," by Mindy Gledhill. 

If you want movie recommendations for Christmas, I published just such a list last year, when I was writing for Rhombus (which has unfortunately stopped updating entirely.) Here's a link

And here is a not-very-good picture I took:

Somewhere downtown. I can't remember precisely where. It was cold that day.


  1. Old State House in Government Center! Do I win a prize?

  2. You SHOULD win a prize! I'm still waiting to find out what the interior mural shot was last week...

  3. Jordan, of course you are one of those anti-Christmas-music-before-Thanksgiving people, of course.


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