Monday, April 25, 2011

Against the Green

Well, we made a man fly.

(More pictures here.)

This is a film about a girl who can't fly. Which means, incidentally, that someone in the film can fly. Which means we had to figure out a way to make somebody fly. That someone was Ben Isaacs, who plays Damon, brother of Maya (played by Aurora Florence, lucky to have dodged the fate of flying--i.e. harnesses, ropes, pulleys...torture.)

Am I posting about this to show off? Yes.

BUT, there's a more legitimate reason. I'm also singing the praises of people who know what they're doing. Nick Dixon is our VFX guy, and without him, we might has well have just given up. 

Therein lies the important note, which is one I'll stress over and over and over again: Nothing is more important than working with the right people.

Nick pulled this whole thing off by:
  1. knowing what he was doing,
  2. planning out every single detail,
  3. hunting down people to help him solve problems he couldn't solve on his own,
  4. more planning,
  5. following through on everything he said he'd do,
  6. and generally being awesome. 
Last week, as we went through the shot list a final time before shooting all this stuff on Saturday, he informed me, "We've run into three problems, two of which I was able to solve, and I'm gonna call this one guy to confirm whether my solution for the third problem will work." By the end of the day, he had, and it did.

NOTHING is more important than working with the right people.


  1. Three cheers for the green screen studio at LDS MPS!! I'm excited about this film!

  2. Dude, you rock, I really appreciate the praises. It's good to know that my efforts were recognized! Don't short change yourself though, the success of Saturday was in large part due to you as well as other people too!

  3. I love these posts you write, Jordan. They're very entertaining and capture your cunning wit.

  4. This looks so cool!! I know, not too insightful for a comment, but it DOES!


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