Thursday, October 27, 2011

Networking with Rafiki

Am I writing as much as I need to? No. But I'm progressing. And I have new goals and resolve. Same old story. Looking to affix a new ending. You know how it goes.

Here are some thoughts on networking.

They (yes, "they") say that it's not what you know, it's who you know. I've learned long since that it is very much both. You could be really well-connected and know squat about filmmaking, and you're not going to make a movie. You've got to know something. And you've got to have some talent and be willing to work hard. Only then will "who you know" matter at all.

So what about this idea of networking? It's always been a bit of an intimidating concept for me. I get overwhelmed. I think I've got to somehow meet everyone, know everything about them, and make them love me.

This is not true.

It's been my experience that if you proactively meet people and search for those who might share some of your passions, you'll find them. And as you find people with whom you seem readily compatible, you'll remember them, because they interest you. Then all you've got to do is stay in touch. Keep the relationship alive. Make sure that the both of you remember that you want to work together. Then, as opportunities to benefit from these people arise, you'll take advantage of them. And then you'll return the favor.

It's actually pretty simple. The hardest part is being the kind of person other people will want to know and work with, and then being outgoing enough to prove it to them--not obnoxiously, but confidently.

I met this guy named Chad. He's pretty stellar. It didn't take long to figure out that our senses of humor were similarly bizarre, so I sold him on Quiet Dignity, and now we're actively working toward turning out the first Quiet Dignity video from Boston. Here's the script I just wrote (as in, minutes ago):


GARY and JOHN pour out bags of candy onto a table. 


Gary and John are eating the candy, busily preoccupied with their binging.

Gary holds a Kit-Kat, and notices its chocolate melt between his fingers. 

He pinches his fingers together a few times, still chewing. 

He looks up at John, who is still pre-occupied with his own candy. 

Squinting in concentration, Gary reaches up slowly, and John looks up just in time to see Gary’s chocolate covered thumb land on his forehead. 


Gary slides his thumb down the bridge of John’s nose, still chewing, candy stuck to his teeth.


Gary takes his finger away and stares at John contemplatively.

John wipes his face roughly.

What the crap, man.

Gary resumes unwrapping candy.

I been watching a lot of Lion King lately. 

Oh OK.



We're hoping to shoot it this weekend. You'll get to see pretty soon whether and how it turns out. Wish us luck.


  1. You should try this for posting scripts. It's magic.

  2. Oh my heavens. You are correct, sir. It is magic.

  3. No lie, I just laughed out loud.


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