Friday, January 6, 2012

Office Nerd Party!

Today, I let my inner-office nerd have full reign.

To start, a really, really cool stop-motion advertisement:

Are you a pen person? Do you get unreasonably excited when you discover the next "perfect" writing utensil? It's OK. I've discovered that there are a lot of us. And I have good news: I recently discovered the perfect pen:

Of course, it depends on what kind of pen you prefer, but if you're all about ultra-fine tip gel pens that don't smear a split second after the ink hits the paper, then I can safely say I know of no better alternative. You can get 3 for 5 bucks on Amazon. You're welcome.

Speaking of best things, when I ordered my last set of business cards, I went a little psycho looking for the best place to get them. After a whole lot of research (and an embarrassing amount of time), I came to the conclusion that OvernightPrints was it. I should probably qualify that by acknowledging that there are much, much more expensive options that will probably deliver much sexier products, but when it comes to quality/price ratios, OvernightPrints wins. 

Here's why I've been thinking about business cards: I'm getting new ones! I spent a good portion of yesterday and today designing what will become the spine of my self-branding, and here is the sum of my work:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

As you can see, I'm struggling to decide how exactly to design the back. I need you. This is the moment you've been waiting for. Please vote on which option you think is most awesome. And feel free to elaborate if you'd like.

Also, is there a pen you adore, that you'd like to share abroad with songs of wonder and praise? Put that in the comments, too.


  1. #2--it has a good contrast without being too dark. #3 looks kind of brownish....? Anyway, #2 looks crisp.

  2. I should clarify--the coloring of the card will be totally black and white, the only thing that is left to decide is how to format the text on the back. The images in the post are a little misleading color-wise.

  3. #3 is so much better than the other two options it's ridiculous. Option #1 is so much better than #2 by a similar ridiculous margin.

  4. I love the moleskin advertisement, so cool. Plus those planners are my absolute favorite (and being a planner freak I definitely have been through a few.)


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