Friday, January 27, 2012

"Shamed" - A Promotion

In lieu of the standard Friday 'Stache, I feel the need to promote a documentary film my friend Jordan Harker is producing about pornography addiction. Rather than describing what he's trying to do in too much detail, I'll simply link to the Kickstarter account.

Here, also, is the first "trailer" for the film, which is mainly just an illustration of its purpose, since the Kickstarter is in place to try and raise the funds necessary to actually go into production.

As I said, I know Jordan Harker. He is a fine specimen of human, as well as a talented, generous, and hard working filmmaker. I know how hard it must be to try to carry the torch for this kind of project.

I hope that today's post doesn't disappoint too much. I promise that next week I'll deliver a nice long selection of entertaining and absurd videos. Today, though, I feel that the least I can do to support this film, and the people behind it, is to add my voice to theirs in speaking out about the significance of this issue. That said, I also hope you'll take a minute or two and donate to the cause.

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  1. Thank you, Jordan for your words. I really appreciate this. Silence is complicity to the unscrupulous predator pornographers screaming in our faces, so hearing the community talk about this issue and fighting back in effective ways makes me happy. Thanks also to everyone reading this and showing they believe in the cause by donating. God bless. Wishing you the best.


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