Friday, July 22, 2011

The Friday 'Stache

In an effort to apologize for the missing weekly Friday 'Stache, I present Yanni's luscious locks and seductive 'stache.

First, I am immensely proud of the latest from Quiet Dignity. We got permission from Spencer Russell to use a song from his former band, Mudbison, called "Promise Cutie." It fits perfectly. Enjoy:

Next, here's a thing I saw the other day that I think is pretty swell. I've always really loved kinetic text ("always," of course, just means "since I became aware of it," which was relatively recent), and to see it used to promote some basic tenets of my own religion was, well, neat.

And now for something disastrously wonderful:

My friend Josh Gibson made this a while ago, but he only recently showed it to me. I can't decide which is funnier: the clever (and obvious) humor that motivated it, or the avalanche of negative responses it elicited (really, go to the YouTube page and read the comments):

I was going to dive into a recent incident involving a friend of mine and a soulless, lying, trash-peddling corporation, complete with two short videos as evidence, but instead, I'll leave that for Monday, because I think the entire situation inspires an interesting and important question. So look forward to that, and be prepared to share your thoughts. 

For all you Utahns, enjoy the long weekend. I certainly will. 

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