Friday, July 1, 2011

The Friday 'Stache

Today's classic 'stache is from my friend Arthur's tumblr, which, I'll add, brings delight into my heart every day of the week.

First, a thing from London:

This is a classic YouTube video. Someone pulled out their camera phone to record something they thought was cool, and 7 minutes later, they had a short film on their hands. It's one shot, of course, and basically an unchanging frame. There is one actor, and a bunch of "extras" in the audience. I think this accidental short film works extremely well for a whole lot of reasons, but instead of babbling about it, I'll just encourage you to pay close attention to all the stuff that's going on here--artistically, culturally, socially, etc. 

Next, a thing from Quiet Dignity (no explanation necessary):

Lastly, here's a really spectacular (literally) tribute to the looming holiday, courtesy of Mr. Graham:

It's a long weekend, so go party hard, everyone.

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