Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Interviews - Asia Stryker

Asia is possibly by earliest and best friend from the film program. She graduated last year, but we've worked on many projects together, starting with a student capstone called Spit, which we co-produced. In fact, I owe much of my experiences as a student filmmaker to her getting me that producing position. It was my biggest jump into student filmmaking, opening the door to many more opportunities afterward. 

The quintessential producer, Asia has found her passion for the mechanics of the industry. Organizing people, resources, and time to pull off one project after another. She understands the process deeply, and any project she touches finds itself strengthened and streamlined in her unfailingly professional care. 

But, while she busies herself with the nuts and bolts of the craft, the beauty and magic of the art doesn't escape her either. So take 12 minutes and listen up to what she has to say about this business of film, and her experiences therein. 

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