Friday, June 17, 2011

The Friday 'Stache

This week's 'stache comes from the first person to specifically grow facial hair for 2190. I can't quite express how much this means to me. Thank you, Anthony Ambriz.

And to those of you who are capable of growing hair on your upper lip, I say go, and do thou likewise (meaning: grow a sweet 'stache, take a picture, and send it to me.)

For our first video, a simple gag from Quiet Dignity:

My friend A. Todd (one of the most talented filmmakers I know) is working on a feature-length documentary this summer, and he put together this short film to promote it because, as it turns out, even documentary costs money.

Thank you Mr. Travis for the RhettandLink suggestion in last week's comments. I very much enjoyed it (so suffocatingly Utah I can barely believe it), and will now share the hair with the rest of you:

I also recommend taking a look at the behind-the-scenes video, which itself is startlingly similar in tone to the actual commercial.

Lastly, I want to direct you to this Facebook event, which describes how you can participate in an online screening of a recent BYU capstone film called Gerald. I've seen the film. It's good. Quirky, funny, and oddly resonant--I recommend you take a look if you can.


That's it for this week's 'Stache. To earn a fat stack of cool points, leave some suggestions for future Friday 'Staches in the comments below. (Like Travis. What a guy.)


  1. No... that commercial wasn't real. I don't believe it.

  2. I watched the first video before I realized that it was one of your Quiet Dignity videos. I was thinking, "Seriously Jordan, you are such a jerk as a roommate..." And then I felt like a complete idiot. Props, you had me legitimately fooled.

  3. Ha! I'm so happy to have been a contributor. So much awkwardness in that video.
    Great job on your 'stache, Anthony! Now is one of those rare times when I wish I could grow facial hair.


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