Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Interviews - Austin Craig

I met Austin Craig quite randomly at a tiny house party that better resembled a blind double date than anything else. This was before he became famous as the Orabrush man (not to be confused with Morgan the Orabrush tongue). He was the first person I ever saw using a G1, and I immediately liked him. Mr. Craig smart and laid back. Friendly and intense. He comes across as a valuable person to know and talk to, and as you get to know and talk to him, you find out it's true.

Now, nearly three years later, his life seems to have been consumed by Orabrush, which, as you'll hear affirmed, isn't at all a bad thing. Probably he won't be in the tongue-cleaning business forever, but it's certainly gotten his name out. What's more, the enterprise has given him tons of invaluable experience in a radically expanding and vitally important medium: YouTube.

Fortunately, Austin was generous enough to let me pick his brain for ten minutes. As always, his insights are pointed, interesting, and extremely well articulated. I hope you enjoy hearing the interview as much as I enjoyed giving it.

And, for good measure, and because I promised it in the interview, here's one of my recent favorites from Orabrush:

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