Friday, June 3, 2011

The Friday 'Stache

Let's kick this Friday off with an announcement, in the form of a website: Dr. Fubalous.

This is a project that a few of my friends have been working on for, I believe, over a year now. They'll be shooting it all in July. Knowing the personalities and talents of the people behind this webseries, I predict unmitigated magnificence. You can (and certainly should) check out their Facebook page immediately as well.

Next up, a behind-the-scenes of the John Hendricks music video I posted last week:

That video is courtesy of a project called Urban Media, which is devoted to short documentaries about local urban culture (focused primarily on local musicians). The episodes are pretty high-quality, and the creator, Anthony Ambriz, has been very proactive and dedicated about the series. Regardless of whether you're interested in the subject matter, you should take a look at the content he's produced for an example of higher-caliber YouTube material.

A few days ago, I took a solid couple of hours to watch about a year's worth of Julian Smith's videos on his channel. It's likely you've heard of him, and it's even more likely you've seen his most famous episode, called "Malk." This is his most recent (pay close attention):

Notice that the concept behind this is very simple, and very straightforwardly executed. It's one shot, which means it took some thorough blocking and planning, and probably a number of takes. It's also as cheap as YouTube videos get. Given a decent camera and an as-is setting, they probably spent nothing on this video. And I think it's hilarious. Granted, this is exactly my kind of humor, and not everyone will dig it, but this is very much the kind of thing Quiet Dignity is trying to do, so it's encouraging to see this kind of idea executed so simply, expertly, and successfully.

That's it for this Friday's 'Stache. Once again, please share any thoughts you have in the comments below. What impressed you about what you saw? What didn't? And, most importantly, what have YOU found on YouTube (or anywhere else on the Webotron) that you really like and hope other people discover?

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  1. I'm a big fan of Julian Smith. My personal favorite is his music video parody 'I'm reading a book.'


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