Friday, June 24, 2011

The Friday 'Stache

Today's 'stache was suggested by DonaMagicShow, via one of his Tumblr posts. Thanks, Brandon (I'll even forgive you for misspelling my name...and my blog.)

I'm not an editor by any stretch of anyone's imagination, but I have done some editing. And I've always used Final Cut (most recently, FCP 7). So I've been following the release of Final Cut Pro X, the latest iteration of the software and a complete redesign. A few months ago, there was a lot of hope that this version would bring with it some much-needed improvements, thereby cementing this product's place in the world of the professional editors. After all, that's what and who the software is for.

Well, it's been released, and it is, as my friend Josh says, "like a bad fart joke." I, the non-editor, am so infuriated by this horrible, horrible new version that I am unable to adequately express myself concerning the matter. Real editors are even more upset, as evidenced by a recent, editor-motivated sketch on Conan O'Brian:

I understand that there will simply be a mass exodus to CS 5.5's Premiere. I'll probably join it, because I will never, NEVER use the new version of Final Cut.

OK, enough of that. Here's something wonderful from Julian Smith:

I discovered, just yesterday, a YouTuber named Vi Hart, who describes herself as a "Mathemusician." Regardless of whether you're a closet math dork (like me) or not, her videos are very charming. And beautifully simple. This one was my first exposure:

This lovely thing recently won the Webby Award in Animation:

For those of us working toward graduation (or having recently achieved it), here's a speech:

Lastly, on behalf of Quiet Dignity, I'd like to ask if you think this is funny, and why:

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  1. An interesting response to angry editors regarding FCPX by David Pogue.


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