Friday, May 13, 2011

The Friday 'Stache

Devin Graham is quite a guy. He's the kind of person who will launch headlong into his work and never quit. He'll sleep two or three hours a day, on average, and maintain a manic energy that will surely kill him within the next few years. I've never known anyone who works harder, better, and more consistently than Devin. He's an exhausting inspiration.

Earlier this week, he spearheaded a workshop on BYU's campus about working with YouTube. It was one of the more useful two hours I've spent in the past few weeks. Maybe more. He brought together a host of local YouTubers, from the wildly successful Orabrush team, to The Angel Murkurker, a relatively new sketch comedy group doing some strange and impressive things.

In an effort to do my part and help promote our YouTube community (a robustly talented lot, I may add), and give a shout out to some of their best and most recent work.

For starters, here's something from Devin Graham:

He's not technically local, anymore, but he's a good friend and we went to school together. It would be absurd to leave his work out of a post like this.

Here's something from another of that workshop's attendees and contributors:

You may or may not recognize Dave Ackerman without his enormous pink costume.

And finally, for now, this is still my favorite from The Angel Murkurker:

Every Friday, from now on, I'll bring you stuff from other places. And we'll call it "The Friday 'Stache."


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  1. What did the guests speak about? That would be interesting to know.


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