Monday, May 9, 2011

Shooting "Weighted"

Between 7:30am on Monday morning and 4am on Friday morning, our crew spent about 48 hours on set. Technically, those were days two through five, since we did spend six hours at the MPS a week prior.

Day 1: The LDS Motion Picture Studio

You can read more about this day here, in case you missed it. Meanwhile, enjoy a couple of these other photos.

Oh, the magic and artifice of filmmaking...Oh, the magic and artifice of filmmaking...

If Ben looks troubled, it's because that harness was pretty far outside of what most people would consider comfortable. 

Day 2: The Lee House

It was here that we filmed all of the scenes in Maya's and Damon's room, as well as a fun bathroom scene (which had nothing to do with a toilet). Coco Mack and Diana Lewis did a spectacular job of designing the two bedrooms. I literally giggled when I saw them.

Maya (Aurora = princess?)
Damon's Room

Me, after someone tried to explain how the RED works.

Derek: behaving like a man-boy

Ben: buried in blankets, bungee cords...and a man-boy

Me: mostly failing to be professional

That's Diana on the right, one of our designers, and on the left is a guy named Michael, who graciously donned a green suit and helped lift Ben Isaacs off the bathroom floor with a giant metal pole to make him "hover." He claimed the suit was uncomfortably warm, but we all suspected he was merely body-conscious. 

Everything went resoundingly well on our first big day of production. Everyone had a great time, which surprised...everyone. And despite my shockingly juvenile sense of humor, the entire crew worked hard and professionally all day. We finished a half hour early. 

Day 3: The Quarry

When I wrote the script, I had The Quarry in mind. I didn't take it for granted that they would let us shoot there, but I certainly had my hopes pretty high. I knew that if we had to compromise on the location, the film would suffer pretty terribly. 

It's at least possible that I'm directing, here, and not just chatting. But not likely

Action! (Shaun read "Catcher in the Rye" - his idea - like a champ)

I don't know. Set nap-time?
The greatest danger to threaten the crew at the Quarry was boredom, as there were never any terrible problems. But we managed to get through the day without damaging anything at the gym, and with all the shots we needed. Once again, we wrapped early--by about 35 minutes, I believe.

Day 4: In the Mountains

This was the most stressful day, owing mainly to the unmanageability of the great outdoors. But we were unspeakably fortunate, however, and it stayed clear and (almost) warm during all the daylight hours. We also had the park to ourselves, which wasn't guaranteed, but ultimately essential. 

Vivian Park

"Filmmaking" is often synonymous with "standing around."

All-natural alternative to sunblock, which we forgot to bring.

"Golden Hour" lasts for approximately six minutes up in the canyons, we found out.
Despite suffering through the spectrum of sunburns and frostbite, everyone remained unconquerably cheerful. We ended 45 minutes early. I also remember craft's dinner being particularly good--lasagne from Olive Garden, as I recall, and breadsticks. Good thing, too, because it was our most physically demanding day. Lots of hauling equipment. Lots of walking. Some efforts to freeze our actors to death near the end (Ben got drenched from head to toe and Aurora had to act in a tanktop after all warmth and light had fled the canyon).

Day 5: The Roof (Back at the Lee House)

The photos from this day are poorer quality, which is understandable, considering we shot through the night and ended at 4am. 

"You want me to do what now?"

"Yep, that's it."

"...please don't fall."

"Does it look high? Because it certainly feels high."
Despite appearances, we were very safe. We never took unreasonable risks, and no one fell or broke anything. A house's roof is really quite pleasant. Quiet. Vast, in a way. Everyone who had the guts to hike up there (I'm proud to be numbered among them) enjoyed it immensely. 

We ended the night with a hushed and unsettlingly strange group hug. All I'll say is there was some swaying and some synchronized breathing. At the time, it felt tender and appropriate. Looking back...well, it was 5am and then we all went home. 

That's a wrap.


Of course now we've got pickup shots and a WHOLE LOT OF POST to do, but we've finished with principle photography, and that's an enormous accomplishment. For more pictures, click on the words to follow:

Feel free to check out the website, where you can read about many of the members of the crew, and which we'll try to keep updated with all other interesting and/or pertinent information. 

And now, I promise to hold off for a while before I post anything else about this project. I'll doubtless have more to say before too long, but I'll be moderate. 

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