Friday, June 10, 2011

The Friday 'Stache

One day I might have to worry about putting random pictures of people I don't know on my blog, but today is not that day. So feast upon this fiery image while the season lasts.

Dave Ackerman has a surprise for us this week (seriously, watch this one all the way through):

Quiet Dignity released a new video yesterday, which is primarily noteworthy only in terms of how many takes it took to get one in which the guys in it weren't laughing uncontrollably:

Lastly, Devin Graham released a new video recently that is simply sublime. I challenge anyone to disagree that the images here are infectiously pleasing:

I know. You'll miss 2190 for the next couple of days, but in your darkest moments, remember that on Monday there will be a fresh new post, ready and waiting just for you (plurally).

And because I love you (plurally), here's another little treat. You're (plurally) welcome.


  1. I WAS AT THAT! The Dirty Dash, that is. It was indescribably fun. I have to agree, that video is absolutely amazing and does an excellent job at capturing the spirit of the race.

  2. I loved this post. (Well I love all your posts). Every video was hilarious. And thanks for the treat. I ADORE cats, especially old ladies who speak cat.

  3. Is that the first time Dave has ever shot outside of his microphone/bookshelf set? It was great!
    I helped film the Dirty Dash video; it was pure pleasure to shoot.
    RhettandLink's commercial was fabulous. Have you seen the commercial they shot for a beauty school in SLC?

  4. Brad - Cool. Jealous. Etc.

    Sarah - Thanks :)

    tj - It IS the first time! And I agree it was great. And no, I have not seen that beauty school commercial. I'll have to look it up. Perhaps it will make it into the next Friday 'Stache.

    Devin - Excellent.


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